Stone Sculptures


Carved alabaster, 24"


Originally carved in glass, then cast in bronze, Patrick decided to also create Exile in stone.

Available for purchase.


Carved alabaster, 24"

Available for purchase.


Carerra marble, Moroccan fossil marble, 28"
Coventry Cathedral, Coventry, England

This two-part sculpture depicts a moment of embrace and reconciliation after a period of estrangement.


The dark form is Moroccan fossil marble and the light form is alabaster. The contrast between the shape an color suggests the differences that often separate us.


The creation of this piece began three years ago, as a collaboration with artist Tami Coatsworth. together we created several variations in different scales. Tami dropped out of the project to focus on her successful glass work. Tami continues to follow, advise, and recently picked up the diamond tools and helped in the final stages of the white figure, which continues to be roughly based on her original form.


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