Bronze Sculptures

Public Art and Limited Editions

An eight-foot tall bronze version of my sculpture "Harvest" was selected for the El Paseo Exhibition, an international competition presented every two years by the City of Palm Desert's Art in Public Places Commission. "Harvest" was installed in the median of El Paseo, between Sage and Ocotillo in Palm Desert, CA. The City of Palm Desert provides free guided tours of the exhibition.


“Harvest” was inspired by memories of Patrick's years working in the fields as a child. The form is influenced by memories of the angular structure of machinery, and the curves of natural world. The figure leans forward in the arduous effort of picking and carrying the abundance of the fields, under the relentless but life-sustaining sun.


The concept of farm work provides a wonderful metaphor for life; planting seeds, nurturing a crop, enduring unexpected hardship, reaping what we sow, and appreciating the rewards of honest work.


Click on the image for additional views of the work.

Harvest Limited Edition Bronze

10" X 7" X 5" Bronze


A limited edition of 25 bronze examples of Harvest were made available for purchase. All are mounted on a traventine base.


Bronze, 10" X 7" X 4" Limited edition of 25

"Exile” is a reflection of the times in our lives when we are estranged from friends and family, either by choice or by circumstance.


Nearly everyone has experienced a time when we distance ourselves, or we become estranged through no fault of our own, from someone we love. Those times are usually periods of reflection or meditation, a time when we feel vulnerable. Often exile is self-imposed, or the result of behavior outside social norms, serious illness, or a result of substance abuse.


The face of “Exile” is gender neutral, providing an opportunity for the viewer to insert their personal story of estrangement into their interpretation of the work. The lines of “Exile” reflect the hard edge of loneliness and resolve, as well as the vulnerability exposed by our desire to be loved and accepted. I find a quiet strength in “Exile” and an enduring sense of the value of contemplation.

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