About The Artist

Patrick's Artist Statement:

"For me, creating art has been an evolutionary process spanning decades of work in metal, paint, and glass. My artwork combines the welding, forging, and fabrication skills developed working in fields and factories with bold experimentation, attention to craftsmanship, and time-honored traditions. Formal education was not available as a young man, but art has always been my passion and a driving force in my life.

"Largely self-taught, I began working in glass drawn to its unique ability to transmit and refract light, and because of the purity of color that can only be attained with glass. I am fascinated by the concept of capturing a fleeting moment of beauty in a material that will last for thousands of years.


"My early glass sculptures were created by responding to natural events like a sunrise as I matched passionate impressionism with the unique properties of glass to transmit light and color. Using diamond tools, I carve the work into sensual shapes that invite the viewer to experience the work with hands as well as eyes.

As I seek new ways to bring the experiences of life to my work, I’ve found a sense of equilibrium emerges between memories steeped in time, and the passionate intensity of the creative process.


"Often beginning with clay, my hands are able to translate memories and emotion into shapes that spring forth from the mud. From the clay models, I create glass sculptures with kiln and carving tools. Some works are so compelling that I recast the glass into bronze or carve them in stone. Using those dense sculptural materials invite contemplation, and require a focus on form, and an understanding of the ways light and shadow play on the surface.


"I work from my studios in the California desert and Ireland. Each location has its own distinctive environment and culture, and both provide deep wells of inspiration."

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