Thank you for your interest in Patrick's artwork. For Patrick, creating art was an evolutionary process spanning decades of work in metal, paint, and glass.


In order to balance his interest in natural beauty with his devotion to expressing basic human emotions, Patrick worked in two distinctly different tracks, in a variety of materials.


While most of his glass work celebrates the joy and color of our natural world, his bronze and stone work focuses on human relationships and universal experience. Overarching themes of estrangement and reconciliation are conveyed by abstractions of familiar forms.

Patrick's art career was far too short, but he was able to realize his dream of being a professional artist and was planning the next big project right up until the time he passed away in August 2017. 


Welcome, and I encourage you to use the "Contact" button above to express your thoughts, ask questions or inquire about the availability of Patrick's work.

Barbara Blythe

May 2018